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Consultancy projects

Whether independent or branded, optimising cycle times in the aftermarket is crucial to ensure the profitability of a bodyshop or a network of bodyshops.

Thanks to our experience and our consultancy team, at RLE we have the knowledge of best practices to be applied in mechanical and body & paint workshops to optimise efficiency, productivity and the ability of our workshops to meet customer deadlines to ensure customer satisfaction and the perception of the quality of the services provided by our customers.

A complete analysis of the repair cycle times is key in order to identify the points that need to be reinforced to ensure efficiency improvement. We will also take into account different aspects such as the organisation of the staff and their skills. All of this is based on exhaustive and neutral analyses.


After-sales digitisation

Digital transformation is a process of gradual adaptation that will enable organisations to meet the changing expectations of customers, employees and partners.

We can elaborate on the process by discussing the project phases (implementation, monitoring, support and sustainability).

We act as agents of the internal change that takes place in organisations when we talk about digitisation or digital transformation. We are experts in extending the transformation and adoption of new technologies to streamline and optimise processes throughout the organisation. We help our clients in their journey towards the digital transformation of their businesses, with a solid focus on facilitating the management of change in processes and resources to make it an adaptation that in turn, with clear and simplified information, allows us to make decisions.

Audits and certification

At RLE we help our clients to establish an optimal quality service. We generate standards that ensure the highest quality of our clients’ activities. In this way we guarantee that the client has the required technical skills, means and unified high-performance processes for optimum operation and results.

The fulfilment of quality will result in a better trust of our customers, partners and suppliers and in a better and more professional brand image. Always focused on the consumer, we will build customer loyalty.

Our auditors and experts are always aware that the activity must be developed from a training and coaching point of view before, during and after the course of the audit.

We have our own tools (such as Dealizer) and specific tools that optimise our own audit process and provide the client with real-time access to all audit information, as well as specific reports with a high added value.


Operations engineering

Following the mapping of key business processes and the design of a unique management model for your company, Operations and Digitalisation Engineering makes it possible to deploy, step by step and in a controlled manner, the transformation of the business mainly by taking advantage of the technology installed and the means available.

This service articulates a simple, visual plan designed to help your team easily understand where the organisation is going and enables them to execute specific actions with consistency, clarity and confidence, either autonomously or with the help of our specialists.

Technical documentation

We specialise in the creation of technically advanced and legally compliant documentation through the use of innovative technologies. Our services include the use of augmented and virtual reality and automated applications in the creation process. With our animated repair manuals derived from 3D and static designs with XML redaction, our clients benefit from increased safety for personnel and a better understanding of complex systems.

We also offer time studies and repair methods on 3D models that provide accurate and reliable data to optimise operations. In addition, we provide automatic wiring circuit diagram preparation (AutoWire) and WEB-based wiring circuit diagram bibliography preparation (Web ETM), which streamline the preparation and review process.


Creation of web pages

We create your workshop website with customised content and a modern, attractive and flexible look & feel.

You will have:

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