Digital transformation

Powering your business with digital transformation: innovative solutions for success

Digital Transformation is the engineering division that analyses, plans, develops and implements the solutions that best suit the needs of our clients and help increase the profitability of their business, selecting the right cutting-edge technologies, keeping us at the forefront of the market.

Technology consultancy

We present innovative proposals to boost productivity and thus increase the performance of your business.

Project management and development

We develop innovative solutions based on 4.0 technologies. Our solutions seek the perfect fit between need and optimisation.

Expert staff

We have a multidisciplinary 4.0 team to meet the needs of our clients, remotely or in person.


Sensors 4.0 and cyber-physical systems

Creation of design, development and implementation of data capture systems. Standard devices on the market (werables) or own developments based on microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or others.

IoT Platform

We offer solutions with data collection, storage and exploitation platforms that enable efficient resource management, process automation and improved decision making.

Sensor systems connected to communication platforms for data exploitation, DataAnalytics and Business Intelligence.


Artificial intelligence and vision

Software solutions based on neural networks for visual identification, recognition and interpretation in industry. Our approach focuses on applying Machine Learning, Deep Learning and predictive data analysis techniques to provide advanced solutions. We use artificial vision using 2D and 3D cameras to maximise efficiency and accuracy in industrial processes.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

In our company, we specialise in the development of customised solutions and tools based on Business Intelligence. We want to bring value and meaning to data, with the aim of improving and optimising business decisions and performance.

Through predictive analytics, we use Artificial Intelligence and statistical techniques to provide strategic information and help you make informed decisions.


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