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Engineering services

From concept to reality. Creating tailor-made engineering solutions together

We work with our clients on engineering projects from concept definition to implementation thanks to our global technical office and local integration with the client.

We have experienced teams with a strong customer focus and high competencies, adapting agile methodologies and technologies depending on the nature of each project.

Product development

Product integration

Testing and validation

Project Management


Vehicle software

Specialists in embedded software development. A programmed solution integrated into vehicle modules that digitally controls the transmission of commands and instructions that are processed by the various vehicle control modules using computational intelligence.


We offer our extensive knowledge and know-how in the automotive sector in hardware systems for data and power transmission between electronic modules and systems.



We provide sustainable mobility solutions (Zero Emission), transforming combustion vehicles into zero emission vehicles through the application of new technologies in electric motors and electric storage systems (Batteries and Hydrogen).

ADAS & Connectivity

We provide optimal in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity solutions.

We have extensive international project experience in ADAS and Connected Autonomous Vehicle development and validation, to meet the specific needs of each project.

We have already made incredible advances in virtual simulation methods for product validation. With the growing power of data management and connectivity, virtual is becoming the new reality.

It’s an exciting time for computing, engineering and manufacturing. At RLE we have relied on these powerful new tools to streamline our processes and deliver ever-increasing levels of service to our customers.

Gary Prior
Head of Engineering at RLE INTERNATIONAL

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