RLE INTERNATIONAL and KH Vives Group create and R+D+I HUB

We have signed a collaboration agreement with the technology company Xpander in the area of R+D+i for the development of singular projects and the implementation of new technologies in both large companies and SMEs.

Xpander, technological spin off of the KH Vives group, (a business group that is a founding partner of the first blockchain network that fully complies with current European legislation) that aims to help and accompany all types of companies and sectors that wish to evolve towards Industry 4. 0 through digital transformation, and RLE Iberia, which is one of the world’s leading providers of development services, technology and engineering consulting, we have signed an agreement between Mr. Eduardo Ledden Managing Director of RLE International Iberia and the General Manager of Xpander Mr. Guillermo Vives in Valencia.

colaboracion grupo KH

With this agreement, Xpander and RLE sign our commitment to join vision, efforts and knowledge to jointly develop innovative products, not existing in the market, all marked by a strong imprint of new technologies.

Our goal will be initially the development of Smart tools and IoT connectivity elements.

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